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Bad Muslims is a comedic short film based on a pilot episode created by my twin sister Salwa and I. It stars Erum, a sweet but insecure 20-something who, after a chance encounter in the mosque parking lot, decides to room with Zaamenah, a wild one. From there, they find a third roommate using a popular Muslim matchmmaking app - but, he turns out to be a man, Anas. The three decide to live together despite Muslim societal norms dictating their mixed-gendered living situation as culturally taboo and try to navigate living together harmoniously while hiding their “bad Muslim” shenanigans from each other and their parents. But all cannot be hidden for long. A little bit of Insecure, Three’s Company, New Girl, Master of None, and Hulu’s new RamyBad Muslims navigates what it really means to be good, bad, or Muslim in the modern age.  

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Bad Muslims was created to fill a gap that we see in traditional media - Muslim people, especially Muslim women, are almost never featured as the main characters of comedic television, or  really comedic anything. We are always side characters, jokes, and caricatures that do not serve to diversify the way that the general public thinks about Muslims, but  instead continues to hinder our progress in Western society. But Muslim people are funny, and some of the stuff we do is whack, but in a good way. After watching Little Mosque on the Prairie, an objectively not-funny Canadian sitcom that I was obsessed with as a kid, I was hooked on the idea of seeing people that looked like me, sounded like me, and told jokes that I really understood. It was something I could never let go of.

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Hi! If you don't know me super well, my name is Samah (like summer with a Boston accent) and I'm a student an MFA candidate at Northwestern University studying Writing for the Screen and Stage. I co-wrote Bad Muslims with my twin sister Salwa. We grew up Muslim, wore hijabs for a long time, and are generally tired of watching a lot of TV but not watching a lot of people like us. My ultimate dream is to write for comedic television and tell the stories of people who look like me.

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Salwa Meghjee is a recent graduate of the University of California Berkeley with. degree in English Literature with minors in Creative Writing and Theatre. Salwa has many interests, including children's literature, and playwriting. She hopes to one day write stories that help people feel understood.

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Daniel is a current student at the University of Southern California's Peter Stark Producing Program. His ultimate goal is to become a Producer and help tell stories that make an impact. Daniel has produced and directed several other shorts before, including the award-winning 

Just Laugh.